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The Growing Tech Scene in South Florida 12/12/11

Another popular event that excitingly arose out of the AVCC was a loosely based offshoot of the show Shark Tank, hosted separately from the FIU event by some of the sponsors. I must compliment Faquiry Diaz from Tres Mares for spearheading it. This was a chance for entrepreneurs to pitch a round of investors in only a few minutes. Many of those wishing to pitch this harsh panel which included the likes of Dave McClure, and Artem Mikhlin, were from the previous weeks hackathon, that took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week. With only 24 hours to use, teams had to come up with an idea, create a business plan, and then build the company's starting tech. Some of the ideas were truly wacky and not likely to get anywhere in reality, but the winner was a cool little app idea called What Up Bridge that alerts people when drawbridges are up so they can avoid the traffic jams that go with that. Given the tiny 24-hour time frame to conceive and implement the idea, this one was definitely tops. Read More


Miami Herald "Hackers Use Power For Good"

People love to show off their boorish behavior, Buzzi said, noting, “That’s how Jersey Shore was created.”

On the other side of the room, the project couldn’t be more different. Stonly Baptiste, Erik Ebright and Allyn Alford were building a text and email alert for when Miami’s drawbridges are raised and dropped. There were two problems: Drawbridge operators don’t have access to the Internet, and the schedule is in constant flux. 

The one constant variable is there’s one very bored guy who can press an on/off switch,” said Baptiste, 27. The three are revamping a cheap phone on which operators will press a button every time the bridge moves. That connects to a database, which blasts out texts and emails to participating drivers, who can personalize routes to choose bridges they care about.
-Miami Herald (11/13/2011)